Natura e relax … il tuo agriturismo a Verona



In the Restaurant guests can taste the traditional Veronese cuisine. We use local products and the one produced in our farm, such as our olive oil. It is a pure extra virgin olive oil, which is used still rough. So, it exalts the taste, gives flavor  and enriches the nutritional properties.

In our farm we breed courtyard animals.  We also promote our territory and want to support excellent small artisan productions. We use therefore local products, such as a special rice produced by the Farm Corte Bà in Trevenzuolo (Vr).

Specialties of the house: home-made pasta, risotto with Amarone or seasonable vegetables, roasts, grilled meats, roast rabbit, ...

Agriturismo Colle San Felice is open on Friday and Saturday evenings and on Sunday for lunch.

We organize also special events, dinners, wedding and ceremonies. The menu is agreed together with guests and depends on the seasonable products available.


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